‘I Know This Much Is True’ Director on the Twins’ Biological Father and He Was Kept Secret

TheWrap talked with author and director Derek Cianfrance, who adapted the screenplay out of Wally Lamb’s book, to find out more about Henry Drinkwater — and their stepfather, Ray, continued to keep him a secret from them years after his mother had died.

“I believe he knows he’s not likely to eliminate Dominick and he enjoys Dominick and Dominick deserves to understand. It only comes a time when, I believe later in life if people are entering their last chapters, I feel a lot of their keys could emerge.”

Ray eventually opens during the nursing house arena, telling Dominick his dad was a Korean War veteran named Henry Drinkwater.

That rules out his main fear — he and his brother could have been born of incest involving his abusive mother and his mother, Concettina — and makes Dominick realizes he’s been cousins together with fellow allies Ralph and Penny Ann Drinkwater that whole time.

The significant event comes too late for Thomas, whose sudden death by drowning in the Falls is ruled accidental. However, viewers receive a quick visual sign the fact, like a lot of the narrative, might not be quite as innocent — thanks to a short shot of his jeans and socks neatly folded on a nearby stone.

But despite having only heard the reply to this 1 question he has been asking his whole life, by the time Dominick finds the facts,” he does not want it anymore,” Cianfrance explained.

“At the point in the narrative, I believe Dominick has resigned himself which he is never likely to understand who his dad is,” he explained. “For many of Ray’s flaws… I believe Dominick also sees that the individual there, and he comes to take Ray for that he is. When he eventually receives the understanding of his dad, he does not want it — but if he receives it changes everything because of him. I believe its a present. It represents a whole lot of rage-redemption.”

He opened about why Ray felt forced to maintain their mum’s secret for a long time.

“Among the reasons that he held that key for a long time was, one since the mother never needed the children to understand — because she believed they’d despise her for this,” he explained. “She had been raised with this thought by her dad what she was doing was sin and dreadful, and she loved this man Henry and she kept it a secret from her father and out of everybody, and she left Ray to promise to not tell.”

Cianfrance explained the Birdsey twins and the Drinkwater twins are cousins since they talk about a secretary — Nabby Drinkwater, who functioned in precisely the exact same mill in which their maternal grandfather, Domenico Tempesta, was the foreman.

“Before I took this, I throw Michael Greyeyes as Ralph [Drinkwater] and asked him about representation in theatre. We sat down and laid this out a family tree, and I asked him about the fact of it” Cianfrance explained. “He said something to the effect which… indigenous individuals are ignored and overlooked rather than known for such a long time, which from Ralph’s view, he understood the facts about who Dominick was, and he assumed that Dominick knew also, and Dominick wouldn’t speak to him about it, and Dominick consistently felt better . Ralph did not feel noticed by Dominick. From Ralph’s standpoint, there was no shame in being linked to the particular white individual, however from [Dominick and Thomas’] moms and Rocco’s standpoint, there was a terrific shame in it. And that is why it was a mystery.”

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